Notes from Mr. Fitzer

November was another active month for Social Work. The focus was on self-esteem and self-care. It is always important to be kind to others and be a shoulder to lean on, but we must be emotionally healthy ourselves for us to be the greatest benefit to others. The Mindful moment focused on quotes with positive messages and different ways to raise our self-esteem.

Mrs. McAnally and Mr. Fitzer wrapped up Substance Abuse Awareness by offering a parent night on adolescent drug and alcohol abuse. Handouts about the short-term and long-term effects of the most common drugs were available, along with information on how and where to get help for your teen. Mr. Fitzer and Mrs. Mac will present this presentation to the staff later in the year. If you were unable to attend the presentation and would like the handouts, please give either Mrs. Mac or Mr. Fitzer a call, 815-695-5164 ext 226 or 287.

Coming in January...information about the very first St Baldrick’s at Newark High School! We are very excited about this opportunity and hope to raise $1,500 for childhood cancer.

Student Services Poster

Hey Students! Need to meet with Mr. Fitzer or Mrs. Mac? Well, it just got easier! There are now posters throughout the building where you can use your phone to scan the QR Code. All you have to do is go to apps on your phone and download a free QR Code Reader. Once you have the app, turn on your phone camera and focus it on the QR Code on the poster and a Google Form will appear. Fill in and submit the form. The form will immediately be emailed to Mr. Fitzer and Mrs. Mac. As soon as they are available, they will find you. If you don't have a smart phone or can't get a signal in the building, there's a cool green box in the LRC where you can fill out a paper form and place in the box. The box is confidential and only Mr. Fitzer or Mrs. Mac will check the box. Have questions? See either Mr. Fitzer or Mrs. Mac.

Happy New School Year

“I cannot teach the head when the heart is broken or the mind is troubled”
-Parkway School District Teacher of the Year, St. Louis, MO

Hello Parents/Community:
I wanted to put together a brief “Cheat Sheet” on some of what I provide in the building. It is important to me that you all know what I am doing and that I am advocating for our students every day!

What is a school social worker?
School Social Workers are trained mental health professionals with a degree in social work who provide services related to a person's social, emotional and life adjustment to school and/or society.  School Social Workers are the link between the home, school and community in providing direct as well as indirect services to students, families and school personnel to promote and support students' academic and social success. 

What services do I provide?

  • Crisis Intervention
  • Special Education Services
  • Social/Emotional Counseling
  • Mobilizing Resources
  • Running Groups
  • Developing School Wide Interventions to Increase Academic Success
  • Assisting with Conflict Resolution and Anger Management
  • Assisting Students in Understanding and Accepting Self and Others
  • Support to Staff (Trainings, Direct Support, Data, Assessing Students)
  • School-Community Liaison

Some initiatives for the school year:
  • “Mindful Moment”
  • “Be the Change”
  • Awareness Months
  • Social Work Board
  • Social Skills Groups
  • Posters around the building
  • In Classroom Presentations (Substance Abuse, Study Skills, Depression, Stress Management,)
    (What-If Thinking, Cyber-Bullying)
  • Data Collection/Student Feedback
  • And many more as the year progresses

Please feel free to contact me for anything this year. I welcome your ideas, suggestions and feedback. I’m looking forward to a wonderful year here at Newark.

Student Small Groups

Hello Newark Students... Mr. Fitzer will be starting small groups that will help students deal with stress, anxiety management and self-esteem. Based on data that was collected last semester these social-emotional issues seemed to be the most prevalent amongst the student body. If you are interested in possibly being part of this, please email Mr. Fitzer at or come and see him during lunch or any other time that you are available. You can also stop him in the hall or talk to him before or after school. This will all be confidential. Each student that is interested will talk with Mr. Fitzer and he will go over how the group will function. If you are at all interested please find Mr. Fitzer. Thank you.

What's Happening in Student Services? | Posted 12/13/16

Student Services consists of the School Counselor (Mrs. McAnally), the School Social Worker (Mr. Fitzer), and the School Nurses (Mrs. Meyer & Mrs. Sapsford.) We offer health and wellness services to all our students. The counselor and social worker, Mrs. McAnally and Mr. Fitzer, can see students individually, in small groups, or in large groups to promote school success academically, to help students map out their post-secondary plans, and to provide social-emotional well-being. The school nurses provide services to promote physical health and well-being. During the spring semester, Mr. Fitzer and Mrs. McAnally will provide services to many students through small and large groups. Small groups planned for the spring are:

  • Anxiety & Stress Management/Self Esteem
  • Study Skills & Test-Taking Strategies
  • Meeting, Making, and Keeping Friends
  • Trouble at Home
Students interested in joining one of these groups should listen to the announcements and watch for advertisements over the next few weeks. Mr. Fitzer and Mrs. McAnally will also host meetings with students in a large-group setting. Large groups will address the following topics:
  • Positive Interactions
  • Positive Decision-Making Skills/Time Management
  • Drug/Alcohol Use
  • Planning for the Future
  • Transition from 8th Grade to High School
Mr. Fitzer and Mrs. McAnally will address additional topics as needed. The above topics were selected based on the Illinois Youth Survey results for Newark High School and from a Needs Assessment survey given to all students this fall. For more information about the information provided above, please feel free to contact anyone in the Student Services Department with your questions. The school nurses can be reached at 815-695-5164 ext 229; Mr. Fitzer can be reached at 815-695-5164 ext 287; and Mrs. McAnally can be reached at 815-695-5164 ext 226.

Need Free Help?

Kendall Cares Clinic provides medical, dental and vision screenings, food, clothing, hair cuts, healing prayer, family photos, friendship and more. Please visit or call 630-385-8180 for more information.